Jon’s Blog Revisited

Not on Highway 61 but at 36 Cathays Terrace… lots has happened since the summer. There was great feedback from the festival and the gigs are getting better in many ways. But my one problem with UC organisers is not what they’re doing or how their doing it (their commitment, skills and positive energy is breathtakingly great), it’s getting people to turn up in bigger numbers to gigs and other events. I guess, like me and this blog, you start with intentions to constantly update and give out fresh information but life and other distractions somehow get in the way. But we’ve talked a lot about this at UC meetings and I’m confident you’ll see improvements in UC promotions on the website and other places. Also UC always needs and wants new people so if you think you’ve got the time and energy please get involved, you won’t regret it!

And just a few words about Cathays Youth & Community Centre’s recent annual Showcase event.. UC members really went up a few notches from last year with their professional stage management, sound and light engineering and performances.The Showcase is personally a massive event for me as its success or otherwise is a true and very public demonstration of a whole year’s work in the Centre, most of which I have a formal responsible for. So it was with great relief and joy that the event went so well and I am hugely proud of all the members, volunteers and staff who did all the real work while most of my time was spent worrying, nagging people and trying not to show how stressed I was getting. But I felt I did well in supporting the youth members such as our wonderful co-hosts, to the extent that I forgot that it would have have been a good idea if I’d rehearsed my own stage scripts and prize giving logistics. Hence there were some embarrassing mix-ups and mangled introductions by me (which people kindly said they didn’t notice) so I’ve made a note to do better next year, unless anyone else wants the job….

Meanwhile the next big event,is the festival on 17th August and there’s lots more leading up to it which you will, of course, be able to find out about elsewhere on this website now that the UC organisors have got their publicity organised (here’s hoping., anyway…).