The Festival Looms..

And now for the difficult third blog.

It would have been sooner but I’ve been having difficulty getting anywhere near a computer here in “the Centre” where it’s all been happening with festival preparations. I’m amazed, but shouldn’t really be surprised, at how it’s all come together so quickly and creatively.  When you get to Maindy on Saturday (which you will, as it’s compulsory attendance for everyone who logs on to the UCF website) you’ll have the opportunity to purchase T shirts, as modeled elsewhere on this site, plus brand new recorded (Studio 2 Launch) cds, festival programmes and  badges – all designed and produced this week by the festival team, or should that be Team UC….

So get ready for handing out some gold medals to the brilliant variety of young entertainers and performers and bask in the guaranteed sunshine. Don’t think of going to Barry Island, you’ll be stuck in environmentally unsound traffic jams when you could be listening to some amazing musical jamming, as powered by the Sun- thanks to our Solar Stage (which is not, as rumoured, fueled by Somerset cider).

That’s enough puns for one blog, I think, so just log off and get down to Maindy NOW….or if not now then sometime on Saturday between the hours of 12.00 and 7.00 p.m.