The Festival Was Over

..the boys were all planning for a fall.

No idea what kind of fall or where and why those pesky boys were going to fall, but the opening line of this 1975 Bob Dylan song seemed to suggest a decent enough heading for my latest blog. Also if you know me you also might have guessed that it wouldn’t be long before the Dylan references started to appear…

It’s the first day since Saturday that I’ve found a bit of calm space that can allow me to reflect on the UCF 2012, which I thought was undoubtedly the best festival yet. It was helped, no doubt, by the constant sunshine and no rain, but the main factors were the range and quality of entertainment and the participation of all the helpers and performers. Far more more people attended this year, though still not enough, but I really do think that the event can only grow bigger and better from now.

If you were there I hope that you’ll give us your own observations and ¬†feedback. I’ll be sitting down with the key youth member organisors on Thursday so you can do this now and then there’ll be a questionnaire put on the UCF website sometime soon for everyone to complete.

That’s it, really, life’s just become a little bit boring now after the stress and ¬†joy ( in roughly equal measures) I had supporting and working with that wonderfully dedicated bunch of young people who make up the UCF organising group. As for the future, unlike the Olympics, we don’t have to wait another four years before the next spectacular event celebrating the youthful expression of talent and enterprise…….so well done, Team UC 2012, and roll on UC Festival 2013.