UCF 2011 Thank You

UCF 2011


Jon Wilson, Cathays Community Centre manager/youth worker for CCYCP, would like to express his appreciation and gratitude for everyone who made this year’s Under Construction Festival such a wonderful youth-led event.

First of all he’d like to thank, sincerely, the youth committee members who stepped up to take on most of the responsibility for the event and everything that went towards making it successful:

Ed Townend

Rob Nichols

Rhys Takel

Jacob Takel

Joel Beswick

Anna Beswick

Will Dickins

Plus youth members who were involved in organising this event and the Big Gig/Battle of the Bands, who included Joe Sewell, Nathan Hall, Simon Richards, Nicky Richards, Khalid Khan, Peter Wheeler-Davies, Daniel Mullett, Emily Howells, James Ahia, Tom Parry, Dale Poucher, Sean Gunning, Bethan Williams, Gabbi Evans and Alex Davies.

These young people were also supported by youth workers and volunteers who included Matthew Thorne, George Newbury, Meurig Hailstone, Debbie Davies, Fergal McBride, Amy Slater, Helen Sivey, Lucy Bevan, Dan Wilson, Neville Allen, Rhys Simmons, Derek Gayle, and Paul Landry.


Finally, thanks are due to all the organisations and their supportive staff who enabled the event to go ahead safely and with minimum cost. These included Maindy Centre, South Wales Police, Cardiff Council Events Liaison Panel, South West Solar Stage, Brandon Hire, Atlantic Marquee, Kevin Ball who provided free transport for the festival, Akrim our amazing electrician, Bubblewrap Collective, Sylric Press, and Cathays Community Centre Admin & IT staff.


Photos from this year’s festival are now up on the Media page!