Play the Battle of the Bands

Here is all the information you need if you want to enter the competitionDSC_0441_1306x1950

There are three regional heats and a fantastic youth final in THE MOON CLUB with a chance to win an amazing prize head to head against 18+ bands in Cardiff’s Big Gig grand final.

The Battle of the Bands is for bands  aged 18 or Under. If you are an over 18 band, you can enter Big Gig HERE

Bands who have one or two members over 18 may be allowed to play, but the organisers’ decision is final.

The heats will be held between the 16th and 20th of  June with the youth final on the 2nd of July and the grand final on the 3rd of July.

Entering the competition 

If you want to enter, get in touch by emailing  with the subject heading ‘BOTB’ and provide us with these details:

Name of Artist:

Name of Contact:

Telephone number:

Age (of all members):

Preferred Heat(date):

Any heats that the band cannot play(dates):

Brief Band Biography (Around 50 words – please use this to list notable achievements, music type/genre, or anything else about your act that we might find interesting):

Attach a photo of your act if you have one.

Don’t forget to get your entries in before the 10th of June!

Late entries may be accepted

Dates of the heats

Monday 16th – Cathays

Tuesday 17th – Howardian

Thursday  19th – Whitchurch

There will be up to six bands in each heat and six bands in the youth final on the 3rd July. The two top bands will automatically go through to the grand Final, and the last two bands from each youth final and 18+ final will be decided on points.



1) The competition is open to artists based in South Wales only.

2) The competition is not open to artists who have appeared at the Admiral Big Weekend and who have won The Big Gig before.

3) Each entrant must have ONE original song played in their heat. Cover versions should seek to reinterpret the original both vocally and musically rather than being based upon pre-recorded backing tracks. Innovative sampling is also welcome.

4) The criteria for short-listing bands will be:



Song writing


Presentation of information

5) Short-listing will be undertaken by the Under Construction Festival coordinators  the decision of which is final and no correspondence will be entered into with any artist in the case of an unsuccessful application

6) Artists must be able to perform at their designated heat (between 24th & 29th June) in the designated youth centre, and the Youth Final 3rd July) and the grand final (5th July) at The Moon Club, Cardiff.

7) Bands must be 18 or under – exceptions can be made for any bands still in school/full-time education (NOT INCLUDING UNIVERSITY) or where the majority of the band are 18 or under. The eligibility of a band to enter the Youth Battle of the Bands is an average age of 18 or under.